Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Update Wedding n activity story

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Wahh..dah lama tak update blog i ni..quite BZ with my work..maklumla nak dekat2 closing ni...
First, changing of our wedding date..still not clarify yet..if confirm, maybe in month June..

My lurvely scratchbook and my receipt book..whatever picture or receipt i will keep it so that i know which one i want and i know how much i've spent for my wedding..

Everyday activity..
Lets the picture do the talking since im not so good in writing...hehehee

 Ini Harith..anak buah HTB aku..kitorang belikan kek tuk dia..last minute plan coz besok dia da nak balik kampung..his birthday is on 16.11.2010...

haa time kenduri ni la nak tengok kawan2 bikers ku berbaju kurung..all these while nampak dorang berseluar jer...hehe...ayu gitu kan..

This is the section yg i buat for my HTB room...hehe..last weekend, i re arrange his room..on that day my HTB senang sikit la kerja ku nak mengubah n mengemas apa2 pun tp yg paling penat sekali mengalih almari sorang2..huhu..will update more picture..

 Received this lovely bag from my mama..she bought it in vietnam..sgt suka sbb corak nya cantik n baldu..

I bought the samping last 2 weeks..together with songkok and baju melayu's button..My HTB baju Nikah completed.. :)
rasa mcm awal sgt preparation ku..

What do u think about this flower..i mean the colour..cantik tak..? coz i request that i want this colour from my HTB side for hantaran..actually, i tak minat colour purple but this purple is an exception..hehe..

Thank Q shop at Nilai 3..

Tudung for my nikah..i like it bcoz of the material - chiffon..sgt selesa nak pakai n terletak..but need to do some makeover on top of the tudung since it's too plain..have a few design i like..wether i patch it with my lace or just put a stone on top of it..

That's all for blog update for last 2 weeks..


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