Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Update Wedding n activity story

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Wahh..dah lama tak update blog i ni..quite BZ with my work..maklumla nak dekat2 closing ni...
First, changing of our wedding date..still not clarify yet..if confirm, maybe in month June..

My lurvely scratchbook and my receipt book..whatever picture or receipt i will keep it so that i know which one i want and i know how much i've spent for my wedding..

Everyday activity..
Lets the picture do the talking since im not so good in writing...hehehee

 Ini Harith..anak buah HTB aku..kitorang belikan kek tuk dia..last minute plan coz besok dia da nak balik kampung..his birthday is on 16.11.2010...

haa time kenduri ni la nak tengok kawan2 bikers ku berbaju kurung..all these while nampak dorang berseluar jer...hehe...ayu gitu kan..

This is the section yg i buat for my HTB room...hehe..last weekend, i re arrange his room..on that day my HTB senang sikit la kerja ku nak mengubah n mengemas apa2 pun tp yg paling penat sekali mengalih almari sorang2..huhu..will update more picture..

 Received this lovely bag from my mama..she bought it in vietnam..sgt suka sbb corak nya cantik n baldu..

I bought the samping last 2 weeks..together with songkok and baju melayu's button..My HTB baju Nikah completed.. :)
rasa mcm awal sgt preparation ku..

What do u think about this flower..i mean the colour..cantik tak..? coz i request that i want this colour from my HTB side for hantaran..actually, i tak minat colour purple but this purple is an exception..hehe..

Thank Q shop at Nilai 3..

Tudung for my nikah..i like it bcoz of the material - chiffon..sgt selesa nak pakai n terletak..but need to do some makeover on top of the tudung since it's too plain..have a few design i like..wether i patch it with my lace or just put a stone on top of it..

That's all for blog update for last 2 weeks..

Monday, November 15, 2010

Solemnization Dress again...

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My Baju Nikah's Design

Happy..happy..happy..part by part settled...Alhamdulillah..i have sent my kain for baju nikah to one of my friend friend..designer from JB..after i go thru with her design n all d baju yg dia da satisfied..Siap dia lukiskan design untuk I lagi..hehe...n im falling in love with the design!!! at least now,i no need to worry to whom i need to send my kain..Now,I can do and start busy with other things..hehe...both of our Baju Nikah..DONE!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


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Alhamdulillah..done with the kursus kahwin..penceramah2 ari ni best sgt..dr pagi sampai ptg tak kering gusi jadinye..lawak week baru sijil kursus kahwin siap..theehee...

ok..nak masuk skit bab baju punya search..found one baju yg menarik bg i..different from the others..thinking of doing this baju for our sanding..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kursus Kahwin..

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Attend kursush kahwin in first day today..hehe...first penceramah was awesome..a lot of joke n laughing but the 2nd one quite boring bcoz of d dialect..kelantanese..sorry...but d truth is..i tak berapa faham n make me sleepy..

So,how do i look when me bertudung..hehe..chubby right..n ayu plus sopan gitewww...buweekk..perasan..
Yesterday,pergi nilai 3..ingatkan nak cari barang2 untuk buat hantaran tp kuar masuk lepas satu kedai ke satu kedai,I da tak tahu nak chose yg mana..hehe...after that pergi wisma yakin and shopping for my HTB songkok,button baju nikah n samping at Kas Boutique bcoz Den Wahab closed..but maybe i want to return the samping back and change with others bcoz i dont like the material..keras..

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For My Men..

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Yesterday, went to Putrajaya with my future mother in law n sister in law...Motif : tempah baju melayu...
Love to be a guy...hehheehee...easy n no fussy...nak tempah baju melayu for my HTB pun senang je n not expensive like baju perempuan..I choosed OMAR ALI Boutique at Putrajaya to sewing  my HTB's baju melayu..bcoz of good reviews and comment from others..

Dalam dok belek2 baju kat kedai Omar Ali ni..I saw one samping and falling in love with it but goshh...quite expensive..well,need to think about it tho..


Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Holiday's Story GLory...

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Love the Design - Reception Dress

Went to Karnival Pengantin at Shah Alam...that day Federal Highway Road best sgt2..jalan amat la clear..parking at SACC Mall,thought that the Karnival Pengantin will be held there but we need to walk to Konvensyen Centre..huh..panas terik lak tu..nothing much actually except for wedding invitation card..the price more cheapest but i takde booking apa2 pun..hehe..Done at KP..We went to Plaza Sentral coz nak pergi Fidz Collection..sangat2 lar jatuh hati with their dress..sampai2 je terus belek the dress..thinking of doing it as my reception dress..but sad..x muat..if nak kena kuruskan badan..oo mak aaaiihh..banyak kilo nak kena turun ney...hehe...
my previous blog,i ada cakap pasal Shahrir Nurdin right..we went there but the price was out from my,niat dihati terpaksa batalkan and need to look for another Hubbee To Be pun cakap,no need to spend so much at baju nikah..membazir katanya..hehe..

Then we went home coz nak kena tidur awal for wedding's ride tomorrow..



Ride to Manjung for Kak Yati's sister wedding ceremony..RV at RnR Sg Buloh at 9.30am..but Tayar Golek at 10.30am..dalam 20 biji motor gak ler yg konvoi..all the way to Manjung,Alhamdulillah,everything going smooth(eventho speed til 220km/h) and we stopped at Shell Bidor to fuel up the gas..arrived at 12.30pm..tit tot tit tot..makan berbual everything..minta izin tuan rumah da nak bertolak coz nak pergi Lumut..

On The Way Back

Around 4.00pm,bertolak ke KL..and all the way back,incident yg paling I takut is happened to me..We are nearly accident with a Kancil(suddenly break) and other biker (CBR1000) Hubbee To Be quickly emergency breaked (both break hand and leg) but our bike still running forward to the car..luckily mr CBR make a moved and gave us some space to selit..fuuuhhhh..what a relief...then i started to ask my HTB to ride slowly coz village area..not long after that,other biker (husband and wife) accident nearby the bridge(not sure where)..luckily,they are wearing all the riding (safety),the injured is kurang except bruises..

We arrived KL at 8.00pm..and all d way balik,I da sakit tangan,cramp kaki n kebas pungung ku...hehe...but im having fun...



Nothing much to story but having our dinner at HR Kampung Baru...comment..hurmmm..the service was slow,the food was cold but tasty and the place was smelly...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Design..

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Book by book..pages by pages...web by web..looking for a baju nikah's design..I want it to be glamourous..hehe plus AYU on my solemnization day.. dalam banyak2 design i go through, only Shahir Nurdin design heart me so much..the kain look different from others..i want my baju nikah to be totally like this...i really really falling in love with this baju..dgn excitednya,will go to Shahir Nurdin Boutique at Plaza Masalam,Shah Alam this coming weekend plus Pameran Pengantin will be held at Sacc Mall from 05 Nov til 07 Nov 2011..

For below design, I only like the kain..coz time duduk nanti or snap picture..the kain will curve n round nicely..


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Checklist epi-1..

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Set your wedding date.

Discuss with parents and future in-laws on the style & size of wedding ceremony.

Set a budget.

Book a wedding consultant or wedding planner.

Book a date with the ROM and the ceremony venue.

Begin your guest list.

Source for reception venues that suit your taste and budget. Certain months/dates are more popular than others and you need to book well in advance.

Organize and file all important documents in a systematic order. Keep a separate file for payments and receipts. This will help you keep track of what has been done, what needs to be done and also manage all your expenses.

Begin shopping for your bridal gowns, headpiece and bridal accessories.

Monday, November 1, 2010


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I've never really had a blog. I used to have a diary when I was a teenagers. Does that count?

However, now that my man and I are planning the wedding, I thought I'd get us one of those wedding blogs where I put up anything and everything that has something to do with our wedding. I'll probably also go through all our old photographs and go through a 'when, what, where?' phase where I'll stuff like how we met, some of the special dates we went on and most importantly: the risik/engagement.

So here we are. The first entry.

tHe Lace...Chiffon..

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Hi all...

My first time blogging...heehee..just want to spread out my happiness and my wedding preparation..

Anyway,just bought kain for our baju nikah at Jakel...2nd time pergi barula decide which kain yg nak beli...itupun,after try sume kain tu kat badan i (hehe,kesian sis Jakel tu)..masa nak balik tu..big problem!!how sud i bring it future,dont go shopping naik superbike..hehe..last2 i tinggalkan kat office my  Mr. Hubbee to be..huhu..

the next day,i bring it back and try la matching with my lovely veil..huh...luckily,its a MATCH..hehe...

NOW...siapakah mau jahit baju nikah ku dan dia...after this,will be busy with the survey session..

My Baju Nikah To Be


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