Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Design..

Posted by Soon To Be Mrs... at 8:59 PM

Book by book..pages by pages...web by web..looking for a baju nikah's design..I want it to be glamourous..hehe plus AYU on my solemnization day.. dalam banyak2 design i go through, only Shahir Nurdin design heart me so much..the kain look different from others..i want my baju nikah to be totally like this...i really really falling in love with this baju..dgn excitednya,will go to Shahir Nurdin Boutique at Plaza Masalam,Shah Alam this coming weekend plus Pameran Pengantin will be held at Sacc Mall from 05 Nov til 07 Nov 2011..

For below design, I only like the kain..coz time duduk nanti or snap picture..the kain will curve n round nicely..



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