Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kursus Kahwin..

Posted by Soon To Be Mrs... at 6:51 AM

Attend kursush kahwin in first day today..hehe...first penceramah was awesome..a lot of joke n laughing but the 2nd one quite boring bcoz of d dialect..kelantanese..sorry...but d truth is..i tak berapa faham n make me sleepy..

So,how do i look when me bertudung..hehe..chubby right..n ayu plus sopan gitewww...buweekk..perasan..
Yesterday,pergi nilai 3..ingatkan nak cari barang2 untuk buat hantaran tp kuar masuk lepas satu kedai ke satu kedai,I da tak tahu nak chose yg mana..hehe...after that pergi wisma yakin and shopping for my HTB songkok,button baju nikah n samping at Kas Boutique bcoz Den Wahab closed..but maybe i want to return the samping back and change with others bcoz i dont like the material..keras..


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